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Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Rezin

Name Rezin     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Male
Meaning Firm.
Biblical context The Biblical baby name Rezin is Hebrew in origin and it's meaning is firm or delight.

Rezin is pronounced rets-een'.

Rezin is the name of two men in the Bible.

Rezin was a king of Damascus. He ruled during the time of Kings Jotham and Ahaz of Judah. Rezin entered into an alliance with Pekah the king of Israel to attack Ahaz. Tiglathpileser, the king of Syria came to the aid of Ahaz, and defeated and killed Rezin.

Rezin is also the name of the head of a family of temple servants that returned from Babylonian captivity with Zerubbabel.

Biblical reference for baby name Rezin:
2 Kings 15:37; 16:5-9; Ezra 2:48; Nehemiah 7:50; Isaiah 7:1-8; 8:6; 9:11
Strong's Bible concordance H7526

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