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Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Rephaiah

Name Rephaiah     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Male
Meaning God has healed.
Biblical context The Biblical baby name Rephaiah is Hebrew in origin and it's meaning is Jehovah has healed.

Rephaiah is pronounced ref-aw-yaw'.

Rephaiah is the name of five men in the Bible.

Rephaiah was a descendant of David and Zerubbabel.

Rephaiah was the chief of the tribe of Simeon during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah.

Rephaiah was a son of Tola, grandson of Issachar, and great-grandson of Jacob and Leah.

Rephaiah was a son of Binea and a descendant of Saul. He belonged to the tribe of Benjamin.

Rephaiah was a son of Hur. He was the ruler of half of Jerusalem during the time of Nehemiah.

Biblical reference for baby name Rephaiah:
1 Chronicles 3:21; 4:42; 7:2; 9:43; Nehemiah 3:9
Strong's Bible concordance H7509

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