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Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Rechab

Name Rechab     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Male/Female
Meaning Rider.
Biblical context The Biblical baby name Rechab is Hebrew in origin and it's meaning is rider or horseman.

Rechab is pronounced ray-kawb'.

Rechab is the name of three men in the Bible.

Rechab was one of the two captains of bands that Ishbosheth took into his service.

Rechab was the father of Malchiah. He was one of the repairers of the walls of Jerusalem during the time of Nehemiah.

Rechab was also the name of the father of Jehonadab, the founder of an Arabian tribe that worshipped Jehovah.

Biblical reference for baby name Rechab:
2 Samuel 4:2; Nehemiah 3:14; 2 Kings 10:15,33; 1 Chronicles 2:65; Jeremiah 35:6-19
Strong's Bible concordance H7394

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