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Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Oliver

Name Oliver     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Male
Meaning The olive tree.
Biblical context Origin - Latin (Hebrew - zayith, Greek - elaia).
Pronunciation - al-iv.
Olive trees are very frequently mentioned in the Bible. It was considered an emblem of beauty, prosperity and religious previlege.
The dove from the ark brought an olive branch to Noah and so Noah knew that the flood water was abating from the earth.
The olive tree is mentioned in the Old Testament parable of Jotham.
Gethsemane was the name of an olive garden at the foot of Mount Olives, where Jesus would retire along with his disciples, and which was the scene of his agony the night before his arrest.
Gen 8:11, Judg 9:9, Matt 24,25, 26:39, Luke 21:37. Bible concordance #1636, 1637, 1638, 2132.

Derived From Olive Male/Female Add
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