Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Natasha

Name Natasha     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Female
Meaning Gift of God.
Biblical context Origin - Hebrew.
Nathanael was one of the twelve apostles. He is described in the Bible as one "in whom there was no guile." He is generally supposed to be the same person as Bartholomew.

Nathaniel is the more popular modern spelling of this ancient Hebrew name.

Derived From Nathanael Male Add
Other Similar Names
Nakanaela Male/Female Add
Nat Male Add
Natale Male/Female Add
Natalie Female Add
Natania Female Add
Nataniel Male Add
Nataniella Female Add
Natanielle Female Add
Nathaneal Male Add
Nathania Female Add
Nathanial Male Add
Nathaniel Male Add
Natty Male/Female Add
Nethanel Male Add
Thaniel Male Add