Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Mark

Name Mark     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Male
Meaning Hammer, warlike, of Mars.
Biblical context The Biblical baby name Marcus is Latin in origin and its meaning is hammer, warlike, of the Roman war god Mars.

Mark is pronounced mar'-k.

Mark, also called Marcus, was an early convert to Christianity. His Jewish name was John, Mark was his Latin surname. Mark was a native of Jerusalem, his mother was Mary, and his cousin was Barnabas of Cyprus.

Mark's mother was probably a woman of wealth and influence in Jerusalem. People gathered in her house for a prayer meeting for the apostle Peter. Peter, on his escape from prison, visited Mary's house, and probably converted Mark to Christianity. Peter referred to Mark as 'his son'.

Mark was a close friend of Paul and Barnabas and accompanied them on their missionary journeys. He was with Paul during his first imprisonment in Rome, and is described as being a comfort to Paul. Paul during his second imprisonment advises Timothy to bring Mark with him, as he (Mark) was profitable to the ministry.

Mark is considered the author of the Gospel of Mark.

Biblical reference for baby name Mark:
Acts 12:12, 25; 15:37, 39; 2 Titus 4:11
Strong's Bible concordance G3138

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