Name Meaning and Biblical Context of Agrippa

Name Agrippa     (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Male
Meaning Tamer of wild horses.
Biblical context The Biblical baby name Agrippa is Greek in origin and its meaning is tamer of wild horses.

Agrippa is pronounced ag-rip'-pa.

Agrippa was the name of a ruling family in Israel at the time of Jesus Christ.

Agrippa I was the son of Aristobulus and Berenice, and grandson of Herod the Great. He was the ruler of Palestine. Agrippa I ordered the execution of the apostle James, and the imprisonment of Peter.

Agrippa II was the son of Agrippa I. The Roman Emperor Claudius made him the superintendent of the Temple of Jerusalem. It was before Agrippa II that Paul delivered his speech describing his life-changing experience on the road to Damascus.

Biblical reference for baby name Agrippa:
Acts 25:13, 22-26, Acts 26
Strong's Bible concordance 67

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